Qingkailing oral solution 6*10ml
  • 产品介绍
【Ingredients】 bile acid, mother of pearl, hyodeoxycholic acid, gardenia, buffalo horn, Radix, baicalin camp, honeysuckle. Accessories for the sucrose, beta he cyclodextrin, menthol.

【Properties】 This product is reddish brown liquid: sweet, slightly bitter.

【Indications】 Qingrejiedu. For the exogenous wind-heat, fire poisoning caused by heat, sore throat, tongue red, yellow coating, pulse number; upper respiratory tract infection, viral influenza, acute pharyngitis, acute bronchitis and other diseases are the above syndromes By.

【Dosage】 oral. A 20 to 30 ml, 2 times a day; children reduce it.

【Adverse reactions】 still uncertain.

【Taboo】Pregnant women disabled.

【Note】 avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy, cold, greasy food. See instructions.

【Storage】 sealed.

【Specification】 10 ml each.

【Packing】 brown control oral liquid bottle. Each pack 10 ml, 6 per box.

【Approval number】 Zhunzi z10880028

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